Traditional spanish food

Anchovy | Boqueron tapas recipes

Small fish, big reputation, big taste. They are known as “bocarte” in Cantabria, “seitó” in Catalonia, “aladroc” on the east coast and the Balearic Islands and “anchovy” in the Basque Country. The “boquerón” (white anchovy), called like this in southern Spain, is a classic of the Spanish and in general Mediterranean cuisine. This little fish has a unique flavor, very tender fillets and indisputable health benefits- so go for it and have some anchovy tapas!

Spanish Seafood Paella

When you think about Spain and its gastronomy, for sure the most popular dish pops up in your head: the Paella. Not only is it known worldwide, but it’s a real culinary icon. Many of you have tried it, whereas others might find it too typical or made “just” for tourists- indeed, there can be a huge difference in quality. So don’t fall for the restaurants where you don’t see locals eating, but share authentic, traditional and absolutely mouth-watering

Spanish Omelette|La Tortilla Espanola

The tortilla or Spanish Omelette is loved by generations and this, as far as we know, for over 200 years. This dish is a classic of the Spanish cuisine able to surprise each time you taste it because of its diversity of ingredients, ways of presentation and different nuances.

5 Spanish Christmas Pastries from Andalusia

Now that the winter season started, we want to present you some classic Spanish Christmas pastries from Andausia. These sweets are consumed in Spain especially during this time of the year and they can be found in many stores like bakeries, confectionery shops of your neighborhood or in supermarkets.

Purple Carrots from Spain

The color orange is undoubtedly associated with carrots. But is this true? Well, the “original” one is purple and comes from the East, being brought then to Spain by the Arabs. Still nowadays you can find purple carrots in the region of Cuevas Bajas in Malaga. Because of its special climatic requirements, the cultivation of this vegetable is not possible in nearby areas. With its sweet and intense flavor it can be prepared raw like a carpaccio or salad cut

Andalusian olive oil cookies

The “Tortas de Algarrobo” are andalusian olive oil cookies (although their name in Spanish refers to them as a cake) that originally come from the town of Algarrobo and which are one of the best known and rooted gastronomic products of the Axarquia region, in the west of Malaga.

Artisanal Cheese made in Andalusia

To make a handcrafted Andalusian cheese there are needed, along with a pot, two essential tools: the “pleita” and a board. The “pleita” is a wide esparto belt previously braided in which the curd is introduced, so that after the cheese has the typical round shape.

Andalusian pickled olives

There are many types of pickled olives, all with their own organoleptic nuances- but the “Aceituna Aloreña” is special. It is the only table olive in Spain with a Designation of Origin. It is such a delicate local variety that it is harvested by hand and all of its preparation is 100% natural.