Where to eat, What to see and Things to do in Malaga

Strawberry Gazpacho

  Ingredients:500 gr. of ripe tomatoes500 gr. of strawberries.1/2 green pepper1 garlic clove50 gr. of hard bread.Cold water.1 tablespoon of salt.1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Extra Virgin Olive oil  Prep: 5 minCook: 10 min Yield: 4 servings  Preparation:Chop the tomato, pepper and garlic. Put everything in a bowl

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Genalguacil, Malaga · An Outdoor Museum

What if we imagined a classic Andalusian white town where tradition and avant-garde art coexisted? What if we added to the Arabic layout of its cobblestone streets, to its secluded squares and its colorful balconies adorned with flowers, dozens of works by contemporary artists from all corners of the planet? It

Salmorejo Recipe

There's nothing more "cordobés" than "La Mezquita" and Salmorejo, a could soup similar to gazpacho What many poeple don't know is that until the fifteenth century, the salmorejo was actually white because tomato had not been imported by Christopher Columbus  yet. This recipe is the traditional recipe from Cordoba.

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Museums in Malaga · Sundays Free Entry

Did you know that Malaga is one of the cities with the highest number of museums in Europe? There are more than 30 right now, hosting impressive collections that range from cars to wine, doll houses, music, and of course art! And If you are lucky to be in Malaga on

Gazpachuelo – Tradition, history and Flavor of Malaga

It's not gazpacho, it's gazpachuelo and this is its Malaga route. The gazpachuelo malagueño is tradition, history and flavor of the south. It is also the dish that all mothers know how to make. Gazpachuelo at Bardal resturant, Ronda © Nacho Sánchez In order not to

One Day in Malaga – A Walking Tour of the City Centre

Gastronomy, culture, tradition, history, innovation. The city of Malaga is a melting pot of opportunities to enjoy a complete vacation. It is also when time is of the essence and, therefore, we suggest a tour of the city centre perfect for one-day visits. A guide with the most interesting points to