“As in a high mountain expedition, the most important value provided by a Sherpa is the knowledge of the lay of the land and its reliability.”

Our Sherpas guide our guests to those small culinary paradises difficult to get to, revealing the best routes and the most appreciated secrets by locals.

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Spain Food Sherpas was born in Malaga in 2013 at the hands of a small team of local food lovers that wanted to reveal and share the hidden culinary and cultural treasures in the off-the-beaten-path areas of Malaga, Granada and Seville. Since then, we have welcomed more than 20000 happy guests on our tours and cooking classes.

Passionate about gastronomy, traveling and discovering new places, we sought for this type of tourism every time we were on the road. Finally we founded Spain Food Sherpas to offer our guests a new way of getting to know our city- just how we would like to live it ourselves.

Stunning local produce and specialized small scale (family) businesses are our pillars, as are traditional recipes and modern fusions- a real reflection of our heritage and community.

Slow food and tourism is something we support with all our heart, because it’s the best way to really (and literally) savor everything a destination has to offer.
Our experiences are in small groups, guided by enthusiastic food sherpas who believe that the local gastronomy is an important part of the city’s history and its lifestyle.





Malaga Food Sherpa

Favorite drink:  Hard to choose just one! An ice cold Victory beer in the summer and a glass of Ribera del Duero red wine (Pago de los Capellanes) for dinner is a good choice.

Malaga spot:  Los Baños del Carmen.

Tapa:  Fried fish from Malaga.

Born in Malaga, throughout my life I have lived in many different localities of the province like Estepona, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Alhaurín el Grande, where I currently live in a small finca in the countryside. I love to travel and explore different places all around the world. However, the more I get to know, the more I can appreciate the quality of life we ​​have in Spain in general and in particular in Malaga. Our culture, our way of sharing a laughter and special moments over a good meal, tapas and enjoying our fortunate weather is a privilege that I love to share with all the people who want to know a little more about our way of life. I love nature and animals- a walk in the forest or along a beautiful beach is part of my wealth, as well as reading, cinema, music and sports. I love history too. Knowing our past helps us to understand our present and to improve our future without losing our essence and cultural wealth.


javi guide


Malaga Food Sherpa

Favorite drink:  A home-made vermouth from La Recova and during the summer a cold glass of gazpacho.

Malaga spot:  El “Balneario de Los Baños del Carmen”, an old spa in the neighborhood of Pedregalejo.

Tapa/favorite restaurant:  “Sopa Viña AB”, a fish and seafood soup cooked with mayonnaise and a dry white wine at Juanito-Juan restaurant, in El Palo.

Although I was born in Madrid, I came to Málaga when I was 2 and spent my whole childhood and youth in Malaga. After living in Salamanca, Madrid and London for a while, I decided to come back to my city looking for the unique warmness and joy of living we have in the south of Spain. Because having a conversation around a table with some good food and wine is certainly and art here, I feel proud to share this heritage with others. So I hope to meet you soon!  Salud!




Malaga Food Sherpa

Favorite drink:  Pedro Ximénez wine from “Antigua Casa de Guardia”, combined with a good old Manchego’s cheese

Malaga spot: “Los montes de Málaga,  the  mountain range right next to the center of Málaga. A great place full of beautiful views of the city and the sea to hike and disconnect.

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Huge fan of the ham croquettes made with lots of love and knowledge at “M de Mariano” .

Born in Madrid, moved to Málaga in the 80s, after traveling a lot.
Formed as a professional chef at “Karlos Arguiñano” culinary school, I worked as a chef for many years.

I love eating and drinking with people from all over the world. One of the best things about this job is that day by day has become a passionate way to learn and share culture.



Malaga Food Sherpa

Favorite drink: Botani, dry Muscat white wine or a large glass of gazpacho in summer!

Malaga spot:  The rooftop terrace of the Dulce Dreams Boutique Hostel.

Tapa:Caldillo de pintarroja”- a steaming, spicy fish and almond soup at La Campana

I was born and raised in Malaga. Travelling was my favorite thing for a while and discovering food wherever I went, was my second favorite thing. After visiting quite a few places around the world I realized that, if maybe not the best place to live in the world (as many of my local friends would say), Malaga certainly deserves to be on the list. I rediscovered and got hooked on local gastronomy, food, culture and tradition, and cooking became one of my passions. I live in the countryside, a hidden corner of Malaga that I love sharing with others.


pablo ceo spain food sherpas


Managing Director

Favorite drink:  A glass of Red Wine D+ from Descalzos Viejos (Ronda)

Malaga spot:The 1st peak of the San Antón Mountain. As a reward you’ll get a breathtaking view of Malaga.

Tapa:Espeto de Manolitas” (sardines you get in July and August) in any chiringuito beach bar of Pedregalejo!

I grew up in the fishermen’s quarter of Pedregalejo, in Malaga, and so I have a special weakness for fresh seafood.
Being an environmental engineer, I worked many years in the fight against forest fires and on different forest management projects.
Then I moved to Cologne (Germany) and founded a company to sell Andalusian products, culinary delicacies. Until this moment I wasn’t completely aware of how rich and unique our gastronomy is.
So I didn’t hesitate when I got the chance to come back to my city and be part of this initiative.
In my spare time I love to play flamenco guitar, watch movies or enjoy a dinner in good company.



Favorite drink: Montespejo white wine, DO Sierras de Málaga

Malaga spot:  Mirador de Gibralfaro.

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Scallop and shrimp skewer in the restaurant of the Carmen Market.

I was born in Mollina, a village in the interior of Malaga near Antequera, where from a very young age on I learned from my grandmother and mother the typical dishes of our region, such as ajoblanco, gazpachuelo or porra. Having lived in different places all over Spain (Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valencia) and even in Germany, I could soak in and embrace the culture and gastronomy of these places, where I learned for example how to make a true and authentic Paella Valenciana.



Favorite drink: Victoria beer (from Malaga).

Malaga spot:Atarazanas Market.

Tapa/favorite restaurant: “Chicharrón” and glazed sweet potato sandwich in Arequipa (Merced Market)

I was born in Borja, a town in Zaragoza, although I grew up in Mollina (Malaga). Already as a child I used to be in the kitchen to help my mother prepare traditional dishes for the family- that was my best training. After finishing my studies, I decided to enter the Hotel “Escuela Convento de Santo Domingo” in Archidona (Malaga), which is to this day one of the best gastronomy schools in Andalusia. Throughout my professional life I have worked in restaurants like Sollo (1* Michelin, Fuengirola) and Streetxo and Diverxo (3* Michelin), among others. I love to experiment with food and when people enjoy what I prepare for them.



Granada Food Sherpa

Favorite drink: Undoubtedly my favorite drink is the king of Granadian’s wines, it is “ Prado Negro “ ( Fontadei). I really love the rich, spicy oak flavors in this red wine.

Malaga spot: The monastery of saint Jerónimo, it is situated in the heart of the city. I love historical places!

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Aubergine with sugar cane honey. Delicious!

I am originally from Russia (Moscow) but have been living in Granada for 15 years. Only 2 years ago I had my own restaurant in the heart of the city, specialized in Spanish gastronomy and Granadian cuisine. I  had an opportunity to work with one of the best chefs in the city. Thanks to this experience I became an authentic expert in Spanish gastronomy, wines, olive oils, local Granada traditions. I invite you to experience Granada as locals do, visiting small businesses, producers, tasting lovely dishes and discovering off the beaten track locations.

Molly city manager granada


Managing Director/Granada Food Sherpa


Favorite drink:  Homemade Vermouth with a slice of orange & ice

Malaga spot: The stepped streets in the Realejo quarter.

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Any of the Moroccan tapas at Om Khalsoum.

Over the last 10 years, I have written extensively about Food Travel & Culture in Spain. Featured in International Press, on leading Travel & Tourism websites and also on my own Award Winning Blog Also working as a production assistant with TV crews in Spain over the last few years, I am truly a local expert with insider knowledge of Spanish destinations.

My previous experience in the Corporate World in large companies such as Telefonica and Agilent Technologies brings a solid understanding of the business world and international relations. Collaborating as a Travel & Gastronomic Consultant in Andalucia over recent years, I am passionate about Spanish gastronomy and local traditions.




Seville Food Sherpa

Favorite drink: A good white wine from Andalusia or a “tinto de verano” in summer.

Malaga spot:Feria Food Market

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Mojama – salt cured tuna.

I was born in Albacete, a little city of Castilla – La Mancha but I live in Seville from 4 years, and already feel like an adopted Sevillian by my deep love to this city. I came here because my roots are connected with this culture and I studied to be an official guide.

2 years ago I started work doing tours around the city enjoying, knowing and living the Seville history, culture and gastronomy. Also, I love to show it to people that are interested in it, is my vocation, so I hope you also can feel this love by Seville.



Managing Director/Seville Food Sherpa


Favorite drink:  Cold beer or Chilled Manzanilla Sherry Wine”

Malaga spot: Maria Luisa Park and the little squares dotted around the park.

Tapa/favorite restaurant: Chipirones a la plancha! (grilled squid) and “La Rosa de San Gil”.

I was born and raised in Seville. In my opinion its the best place in the whole world to live. The Andalusian lifestyle is fun, different and you always can find someone around to socialize with.

Gastronomy is huge part of our culture! I studied Tourism and Art History in Seville so that I could have my dream job! Guiding visitors around this amazing corner of the world.



Seville Food Sherpa

Favorite drink: Tinto con Naranja (Red wine with orange juice)

Malaga spot:Plaza de España!

Tapa/favorite restaurant:Montadito de pringá at Antonio Perejil

I was born in Burguillos, a village near Seville. I love my city and one my favourite thing to do is going for tapas with friends.
I studied History and comunication and I love to share the beutiful things of my city with everyone.


traditional tapas in seville spain food sherpas tour
Mon-Sat 12/6:30 pm
3,5 h


From the unique Manzanilla en rama to the traditional choricito al infierno and even the surprising emparedado de anchoas on our tour we’ll share some of our favourite tapas, local recipes, new fusion dishes and other hidden gems.

Granada Food Tour

Mon-Sat. | 6 pm
3.5 h


Discover how locals in Granada eat out and try some of the best foodie places in town. Enjoy delectable dishes and drinks, at the same time you learn about Granada’s rich gastronomy, history and culture.
Taste of Malaga Tapas Tour
Mon-Sat. 11:00 am
3.5 h


Experience Malaga the way Malagueños do by visiting the bustling Food Market, tasting hand cut Iberian ham and giving in to many mouth-watering tapas.