Pil Pil Cod Recipe – Bacalo al Pil Pil

Photo credit: Fernando Madariaga_ © ICEX Ingredients: One steak of desalted cod per person. If it's not desalted, put it in water for about 8 hours One clove of garlic per piece of cod. Cayenne pepper to your liking 2 garlic cloves Extra virgin olive oil Prep: 10 min Cook: 20

18 amazing Andalusian foods in danger of disappearing

The international project “Ark of Taste” was created in 1996 by the organization Slow Food to elaborate a catalog of food products in danger of disappearing, and thus to capture the attention and sensitivity of the public. Maintaining food biodiversity is one of its main pillars and goals, as it is an incredible heritage of unique raw

Spanish Black Rice Squid Ink Recipe – Arroz Negro

The Arroz Negro is visually, one of the most interesting Paella dishes, since (how its name states) it is completely black. The ingredients themselves are very similar to a fish paella, consisting of rice and seafood, but in this case the special and indispensable key element is the squid or cuttlefish. Not only do you use its

Black rice, soupy rice and fideuá

If you read the article on the Paella, you know already about its origin and different ingredients with which you may enrich its flavor. Nevertheless, we haven’t told you yet that there are VERY different ways of preparing this appetizing rice dish and here we present you our favorite selection: black rice, soupy rice and fideuá. Less popular

Top Ten Spanish Markets for Foodies

Spain is a country with lots of flavour. One of the best ways to enjoy so is by exploring its food markets: traditional places where visitors can find the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats and fishes. Some of the most famous markets include the Boquería in Barcelona, San Miguel in Madrid  or the Lonja del Barranco in Seville.

Traditional Spanish Sangria Recipe

Sangria is one of the typical clichés when speaking about Spain. And it is one of the most attractive products for millions of tourists visiting our country- especially the south- seeking sun, sand and a drink to help bear the heat. It is synonymous with celebration and joy.

Andalusian Gazpacho, Salmorejo, Porra – Are they all the same?

Cordoba style Salmorejo? Antequera style Porra? Andalusian gazpacho? Malaga style zoque? There are different andalusian gazpacho-like dishes in our region! The doubts can assault any lover of the local cuisine, when ordering porra, salmorejo, gazpacho or zoque. Dishes, which are mainly based on tomato and bread, along with oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. However, there are some

Espetos, the Grilled Sardines from Malaga. All you need to know

Espetos or grilled sardines from Malaga are one of the simplest dishes of our local gastronomy. And they are also one of the most demanded ones by locals and tourists. Although you can find it all year long, it is said that they have a special taste from 'Virgin to Virgin'- that means from the 16th of

Spain’s Essential Herbs and Spices

Condiments in any cuisine are their distinguishing elements, almost the soul, giving a unique personality to each dish. In the Mediterranean basin it couldn’t be any other way: cumin, tarragon, dill, sage, anise, thyme, fennel, mint, cinnamon, cloves... However, we will focus on Spain's essential herbs and spices we find most representative. Those, of which many can be