Saffron, the ‘red gold’

Saffron, also called "red gold", is the world's most expensive spice that is obtained from the stigmas of the Crocus flower. To achieve 1kg of this appreciated condiment, it takes thousands of flowers, as each contains only three stigmas and the process of growing and harvesting is very laborious. Harvesting takes place between October and November and it

Coffee in Malaga – How to Order it Properly

One curiosity about Malaga and its gastronomy is that wherever you go, you’ll get a great cup of coffee. For breakfast with churros, after lunch or as a “merienda”, which is a small snack during the late afternoon, a coffee is always welcome. Coffee and Churros at Casa Aranda Ordering Coffee in MalagaAnother fact you need to know

Higo Chumbo-Prickly pear, an Andalusian Summer Fruit

The Prickly pear fruit, known as “chumbo” in Spain, is the edible fruit of the paddle cactus, which can be found in summer in many food markets. Usually, it is sold by local street vendors in the surrounding areas of markets and department stores.

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