Come along with us and discover the real food that locals covet in the city of the Alhambra!

Come along with us and discover the real food that locals covet in the city of the Alhambra!


Perhaps the local food in Granada is not as well-known as its glorious Alhambra Palace. However the cuisine really should be recognised. The province of Granada has a varied geography, from the Costa Tropical with its legacy of Rum production in Motril. Local mangoes and tropical fruit grown at sea level. The province reaches high up to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range with its autoctonous species and plants.

Cultivation of most plants and produce in Granada is possible due to this rich variety of unspoilt terrain and its crystal clear waters from the Sierra Nevada. Along the Granada coast seafood and fishing are abundant too, then there are inland gems like the Organic Caviar Factory in Riofrio and delicious Lamb from the north of Granada. Unique products ´Made in Granada´ and relatively unknown.

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Award winning Cheese from Montefrio
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Local Chocolate Granada

Typical food produced in the area and eaten by locals includes Trevelez ham, Local Asparagus from Huetor Tajar, Award winning Cheese from Montefrio, world class olive oil produced across the entire province, its own wines, Cherries from Guejar Sierra, Lecrin Valley Oranges  Lemons and avocadoes… the list goes on.

With such bountiful land seasonal produce here is varied and delicious. Locals enjoy almonds produced in the region and fresh broad beans cultivated on the vega (plains) to the South of the city, it´s no surprise they don’t care about sharing these culinary treasures with the world.

This well-kept secret of great food in Granada is eclipsed by the Tapas scene in the city. As the local bars in the city offer a complimentary tapa with each drink, often visitors don’t manage to get past this initial offer.

Come along with us and discover the real food that locals covet in the city of the Alhambra!

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Mon-Sat. | 6 pm
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Discover how locals in Granada eat out and try some of the best foodie places in town. Enjoy delectable dishes and drinks, at the same time you learn about Granada’s rich gastronomy, history and culture.
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At a traditional grocers taste some of the best local wines paired with delicious tidbits. From different Granada red wines, to refreshing whites produced in the North of the province.

On our TASTE OF GRANADA FOOD TOUR discover some of the local cheeses, wines and typical recipes.  Try one of the local desserts, the Pionono. Known to have been created for the visit of the 9th Pope Pius in 1854. It seems that the origins of this recipe seem to actually date back to the 10th century, at the time of Al-Andalus. Coinciding with the beginnings of the Alhambra palace in the city, this period was a time of change in society and for the cuisine too. Arab sweets are typically made with honey and cinnamon. The culinary history of Granada is dense and varied with Sephardic, Berber, Nasrid and even roman influences.

Learn about how Ham Is cured in the Alpujarra mountain villages south of Granada. These remote villages were established in 15th century by Berber tribes leaving Granada. These locations are perfect due to their altitude. Fresh Sierra Nevada air dries out ham with low humidity, creating an artisan product made in Granada.

Ivan our expert in ham slicing will guide us through three different hams. Tasting two from Granada and another one for another region of Andalusia, learn the difference between the quality of Jamon Serrano and Iberico.

At Andalucía Delicatessen we taste different products from small producers of artisan food. Local cheeses, chocolate made in the alpujarra from locally sourced produce. A carefully created wine and liqueur selection, even hot sauces from the Sierra Nevada itself. This store is located right in the city centre and has a curated collection of items produced in Granada province.  See the best selection with us on this route.

See the oldest commercial streets in Granada and imagine how the market was in medieval Granada. In fact on our tour we visit one of the oldest shop fittings in the whole of Spain. While finding out about the secrets of a healthy Mediterranean diet, trying dried fruits and nuts Rafael shows us his quaint little store in business since 1850.

No route in Granada would be complete without enjoying a tapa or two. The winner of the Tapas Competition in Granada was made 100% from Granada produce. We try this delicious dish by Award winning chef Nicolas Marquez, born in the same town as local Poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Nicolas works in a contemporary style using 0 mile ingredients.

One of the most classic places in Granada to sample local recipes is Chikito. This restaurant began as a Café where local artists, writers and poets would meet in the early 1900s. Later taken over by a Granada F.C professional football player called Chikito, this place could not be more typical of Granada.


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