The color orange is undoubtedly associated with carrots. But is this true? Well, the “original” one is purple and comes from the East, being brought then to Spain by the Arabs. Still nowadays you can find purple carrots in the region of Cuevas Bajas in Malaga. Because of its special climatic requirements, the cultivation of this vegetable is not possible in nearby areas. With its sweet and intense flavor it can be prepared raw like a carpaccio or salad cut in very thin slices, or you can use it in a delicious carrot cake. In Mallorca it is cooked like a fried cream.

malaga purple carrots

It’s a tasty autochthonous product and a reference in our gastronomy due to its singularity and uniqueness.

Here you have a Purple Carrot Cream recipe: First, we chop a quarter of an onion (for every three carrots) and we sauté it in olive oil. Then we put the cut purple carrots in as well. We add some salt and stock. 20 minutes later, when the vegetables are fully cooked, we grind everything and our cream is ready. To serve it, we garnished it with some parsley and pumpkin seeds.

malaga purple carrot slice

malaga purple carrots cream recipe

malaga purple carrots cream recipe


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