Spain Food Sherpas in MasterCard Priceless Cities

In Spain Food Sherpas we are proud to announce that three of our culinary activities have been selected by the team of MasterCard to be part of the global initiative “Priceless Cities”. A program with different experiences available for MasterCard cardholders worldwide; unique and personalized experiences in cities that are organized in 4 categories: Eat, Discover, Escape and Buy.

Expats in Malaga | 5 Businesses you will love.

We’re going shopping. We stop for a beer and, after lunch, we top everything off with a tasty coffee. We propose a day in Malaga, where you can discover delicious flavors and products that respect our environment. We do so in places full of good vibes that came to the Costa del Sol from halfway around the world: if Malaga is a great place to live in, it also is one to create your own

Andalusian bulrush chair

In Andalusia, especially in its inland villages, summer is very hot. In July and August it can be easily around 40 degrees during the day – in the shade. Therefore, during the hottest hours of the day, most people take shelter from the sun and when the evening is coming, they start leaving their houses to refresh themselves.

The glass Carboy

The Carboy, Damajuana or demijohn is a typical glass container that was used in many Mediterranean countries to transport wine. In Malaga it was the way to carry, above all, sweet wine to the restaurants and to fill up the barrels of the bars with the wine from the nearby wineries.

Taste of St. Germain. Paris by Mouth

Recently, part of the SFS team had the opportunity to visit Paris and to participate in the food tour “Taste of St. Germain” arranged by Meg Zimbeck, founder of Paris by Mouth. It was a wonderful experience that we would like to share with you.