In Spain Food Sherpas we are proud to announce that three of our culinary activities have been selected by the team of MasterCard to be part of the global initiative Priceless Cities”.

A program with different experiences available for MasterCard cardholders worldwide; unique and personalized experiences in cities that are organized in 4 categories: Eat, Discover, Escape and Buy.

Priceless Cities is an initiative that generates unique and carefully selected experiences, available for MasterCard cardholders worldwide. Like this, Priceless Cities has in every city they are working with, experiences and unique offers linked to the DNA of the city and the places and activities that are really relevant to their inhabitants. To access the Priceless experiences repertoire and know firsthand the participation conditions, you can visit their web 

mastercard new york

In 2011, New York was the first Priceless City of this program that is now in over 45 countries and cities including London,Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Toronto, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Honolulu, Lima, Barcelona, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Beijing, Sydney, Stockholm and Madrid, among others. 

mastercard madrid

So both resident users and frequent travelers of these cities have the opportunity to enjoy a selection of unique and innovative experiences among which you can find, in the case of Malaga, our cooking workshops and visits to special grocery stores and the market, as well as our gastronomic tour of Malaga. We will be pleased to show the MasterCard customers a different way to visit our city.

spain food sherpas mastercard
Our work and daily effort is rewarded by acknowledgements like these that encourage us to continue to invest all our passion in this initiative that began in 2013.

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