Suggestions, ideas, plans or whatever you want to call them to experiences this ‘sea and mountain’ made province to the fullest

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The Alhambra

Diving, tasting, learning, skiing and even flying. We go to Granada to appreciate it in its fullness through to ten experiences. Because traveling in capital letters is much more than uploading photos to Instagram.  Come with us to truly experience the province of Granada!


Imagine someone kneels before you, asks you the question and offers you a ring 600 meters high? This is what has happened more than once to the   Glovento Sur team , a company from Granada that offers the possibility of traveling by balloon individually, in groups or, of course, as a couple.

Of course, you do not need to arrive on that special day to enjoy the experience: if the weather allows it, any day is good to fly.

“The sensation of floating is quite special,” says Miguel Juliá, who, in addition to being one of the people in charge of the company, also runs the balloons.

The desert of Gorafe,   in the surroundings of Guadix, it is one of the most suitable enclaves to enjoy the heights.Where today there is an arid area there was once a lake and its sediments are now modeled by water and wind, which create   a unique landscape based on gullies and spectacular mountain formations.

There is also the option to fly over the city of Granada , as well as places like Ronda or Antequera . However, “the trip through the skies of Guadix is ​​the most recommended,” says Juliá. It also means a great opportunity to   see from the air the famous cave houses of the town where, why not, you can rest a night after the balloon flight.

(Price of the trip: from 165 euros) .

Guadix Granada

On the balloon and from the air, the desert of Gorafe at your feet © Glovento Sur Team


Those who enjoy early mornings to go hiking have a paradise in Granada. The whole  Natural Park of Sierra Nevada is full of routes, many of them through the region of La Alpujarra joining each and every one of the localities of the area.

Some are gathered in the Sulayr, a route that takes the Arabic name of the place that runs in a circular way along 300 kilometers.

Other options are more unknown and, nevertheless, they are quite an experience. One of the most recommendable is the one that covers the so-called   Cahorros de Monachil, canyons that the river of the same name has been excavating patiently for thousands of years.

Recently a walkway has been built so that the route starts in the town of Monachil, so access is more than easy. From there,   stairs, huge walls, narrow limestone alleys and wonderful hanging bridges are part of a journey that, despite what it may seem, is suitable for the whole family provided that the necessary precautions are taken.

It is also an ideal place to practice climbing thanks to its many ferrata routes, which brings climbers from all over the planet. Next to the route is the San Garrito Merendero, perfect to regain strength at the end of the tour based on local products.


It’s more than recommended to practice the local favorite sport: