Antequera is now a World Heritage City. In 2016, UNESCO declared the Sitio de los Dólmenes as such, consisting of three buildings erected more than 6,000 years ago. But this beautiful town, located 50 kms away from Malaga,  has much more to offer: the Peña de los Enamorados and the karstic labyrinth of El Torcal are two other references of this monumental city.
An interesting visit that also offers gastronomic opportunities: it is the best place to try local products such as porra antequerana or the mollete.

overview antequera city

Antequera, Malaga © Nacho Sánchez

Antequera Dolmens

It seems like a miracle. An impossible fact. It is difficult to imagine human beings more than 6,000 years ago performing such a construction. But when you go inside yourself, you see that it is true, it is real.

To step on its ground is a unique experience, it is understanding what mankind is capable of, understanding his strength. And the historical value of a place that looks like science fiction. For this reason, UNESCO decided in 2016 to declare the site of Los Dólmenes, formed by three megalithic monuments, as World Heritage. A label that also extends to El Torcal, an extraordinary natural landscape at an altitude of 1,300 meters.

dolmens of antequera spain

Dolmens of Antequera © Javier Pérez González

The city of Antequera is home to an important heritage of different historical eras. It is witnessed by its Muslim stronghold, which watches from the highest part. Also, its more than 30 churches, mostly built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

But its most exceptional element, undoubtedly, are the dolmens of Menga, Viera and El Romeral, which constitute one of the best and best-known exponents of European megalithism. That is, the first forms of monumental architecture in Prehistory in Europe, as Le Corbusier has already said, who during his visit in the 1950s left an inscription in the guestbook: “To my ancestors”.

For those who are curious to know how these constructions were built, an interpretation center located in the premises explains the process in detail. It’s amazing!