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Get Ready to Savor the Stars: A Gourmet Guide to Málaga’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Malaga isn’t just a destination known for its sunny weather, stunning landscapes, and rich history. It’s also a gastronomic paradise, boasting a culinary scene enriched by high-quality local produce and chefs who excel in their craft. Currently, the province of Málaga is adorned with 10 Michelin stars, distributed among nine restaurants that masterfully fuse traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques. From Marbella to Ronda, Fuengirola, and the provincial capital, let’s explore these eight kitchens, meet the chefs behind them, dive into their culinary styles, and discover what it costs to dine at these exceptional restaurants.

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Skina (2 stars)

Nestled in the heart of Marbella, Skina, adorned with two Michelin stars, is a part of Marcos Granda’s impressive portfolio. This Asturian sommelier, now a Marbella local at heart, holds five Michelin stars across Spain, including three in Málaga. At Skina, Chef Mario Cachinero, awarded Best Young Chef by the Michelin Guide in 2022, brings to life the restaurant’s motto of “seasonal high Andalusian cuisine.” Skina’s dining experience, showcasing the culinary delights of southern Spain with local and seasonal products, starts at 229 euros, with an opulent Grand Cru menu available for 499 euros, featuring dishes like steamed sea bass with pil-pil and cauliflower, and suckling pig with sweet potato and plum.

Bardal (2 stars)

In the magical town of Ronda, Bardal, a two Michelin-starred restaurant, offers a serene dining experience in a warm, cozy space. Under the leadership of Barcelona-born chef Benito Gómez, who has fallen in love with Ronda, Bardal respects the integrity of its ingredients, echoing the picturesque streets of Ronda. The restaurant’s culinary offerings include the Menú Bardal for 180 euros and the more extensive Gran Menú Bardal for 215 euros, each bringing to the table an array of local ingredients and flavors.

Bardal Restaurant

Pictures from our menu in 2020


In Marbella, Nintai is another Michelin-starred gem in Marcos Granda’s collection. Specializing in high-end Asian cuisine, Chef Pablo Olivares creates exceptional culinary experiences for up to 12 guests at a wooden bar. With the Omakase menu priced at 145 euros and the Nintai at 189 euros, diners are treated to a visual and sensory feast, showcasing meticulously prepared dishes with a special emphasis on ingredients.

José Carlos García

Where Andalusian tradition meets modern, José Carlos García’s restaurant in Málaga’s Muelle Uno shines with a Michelin star. With over 25 years of culinary experience, Chef García’s kitchen benefits from the proximity of the Mercado de Atarazanas, ensuring fresh, high-quality local ingredients. The focus here is on local seafood and fish, with a tasting menu available for 139.50 euros per person.


Tucked away in the old Jewish quarter of Málaga, Kaleja, named after a Sephardic term meaning “alley,” is the brainchild of Chef Dani Carnero. Known for his stew-centric cooking style, Carnero has recently joined the ranks of Michelin-starred restaurants in Málaga. Offering two tasting menus, the Menú Memoria at 90 euros and the more extensive version at 120 euros, Kaleja promises a gastronomic journey through time with market-fresh and seasonal products.

Kaleja Restaurant

Pictures from our menu in December 2021


From Fuengirola, Chef Diego Gallegos’ Michelin-starred Sollo looks out towards the sea. Known as the ‘caviar chef’, Gallegos has been leading Sollo since 2015, earning both a Michelin star and the esteemed Green Michelin Star for his commitment to sustainability. Influenced by his South American roots, the restaurant offers the Caminho tasting menu for 150 euros per person, featuring caviar and a variety of creative dishes.


In Marbella, Messina, led by Argentine chef Mauricio Giovanini, has been serving exceptional dishes since 2003 and earned its Michelin star in 2016. The restaurant’s avant-garde approach, with a focus on seafood, can be savored through two main menus: the tasting menu at 105 euros and the Messina menu at 130 euros, each offering a fusion of European and Latin American flavors.


The latest addition to Málaga’s illustrious list of Michelin-starred restaurants is Back, a restaurant that has been capturing the hearts of diners, critics, and the press since its inception in 2016. Back stands out with its unique blend of traditional and contemporary cuisines, infused with global influences. The mastermind behind these innovative dishes is Chef David Olivas, a native of Úbeda, Jaén, who has honed his culinary skills in Marbella.

Back offers a tasting menu priced at 120 euros, with an additional wine pairing option for 80 euros. For diners looking for a more personalized experience, the à la carte menu presents a balanced selection of both seafood and meats.

This restaurant is one to watch closely!

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