Best Things To Do in Seville with Kids

If you come to Seville with children or as a family, you will love the following plans. They are ideal for both adults and children.

  1. Stroll through the Mª Luisa park and discover its corners and roundabouts. Inside the park, there are many fun options such as renting a boat in the wonderful Plaza de España, or a family bicycle to pedal around the park together. In the traditional Plaza de América -or “Plaza de las Palomas” as it’s usually called in Seville- you can enjoy the family atmosphere, or walk around the “Duck Pond”, where you can admire the native flora and fauna of the place.
  2. Very close to the park, on Avenida de Mª Luisa, you’ll find La Casa de la Ciencia, an ideal space for children with its temporary and permanent exhibitions on science and history. This place truly is great for all ages.
  3. There is also an amusement park in Seville. And not just any one, but one inspired by trade with the Indies and the discovery of the Americas. It’s called Isla Mágica and it’s a fantastic family plan. In the summer, to combat the Seville heat, they also open an area called Aquamágica. You can combine both and have a cool and fun day.
  4. If you like sports activities, renting a bike is a great idea, as Seville is flat and has good weather. There are many rental shops in the city and they have bikes for children, as well as accessory saddles for the little ones. If you come in the summer, or if you do not easily get cold, renting a Kayak on the river is also a highly recommended activity.
  5. The cultural program at CaixaForum Sevilla always has a special focus on the youngest members of the family. They offer an agenda of activities specifically for children, and all of the exhibitions have designated kids’ areas.
  6. Tour with virtual reality glasses to see what Seville was like before, with reconstructions of the most popular areas such as the port, Triana, the Cathedral or the commercial area in its different periods.
  7. Las Setas or ‘the mushrooms’ are the new fashionable monument in the city. It offers a variety of options, all in the same place. There is a traditional food market on the ground floor, an antiquarium with Roman remains in the basement, and a viewpoint on the upper floor. For this viewpoint you can even download a mobile application with games and activities to use with the little ones.
  8. If you are an artistic family, the best plan may be to paint a ceramic tile in Triana and then take it with you as a souvenir. In the Espacio Barro Azul they offer this precious service.
  9. If your family likes cooking, and you would like to learn about Seville’s rich gastronomy, you can sign up for a Cooking Workshop with children -in addition to our tapas tour-. This will be an unforgettable experience!
  10. A visit to the Seville Aquarium can also be a good option to discover the fluvial and maritime fauna of the area and enjoy an environment prepared for all ages.

Although we have shared our ‘must-sees’, here you can consult the updated agenda of the city, where you can search for specific activities on the days of your stay in Seville.


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