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Gazpachuelo – Tradition, history and Flavor of Malaga

Last updated: Nov 05, 2020 It's not gazpacho, it's gazpachuelo and this is its Malaga route. The gazpachuelo malagueño is tradition, history and flavor of the south. It is also the dish that all mothers know how to make. Gazpachuelo at Bardal resturant, Ronda © Nacho Sánchez In order not to enter

5 innovative restaurants in Malaga not to be missed

Some of them just opened. Others will soon celebrate their fifth anniversary. We check out five restaurants that are examples of the gastronomic evolution that has been going on in Malaga for the last couple of years. Forget about the ‘chiringuito’ and come to the centre of the city to immerse yourself in a tour of innovative

The Best Breakfasts and Brunches in Málaga

Last updated: Feb 29, 2020 Set your alarm clock and wake up excited to enjoy some tasty morning treats. Let’s take a walk to have a few of the best breakfasts in Malaga. Let’s stay away from toast and cafe con leche to try bagels, smoothies, homemade bread and much more. Prepare your stomach and start

Espetos, the Grilled Sardines from Malaga. All you need to know

Espetos or grilled sardines from Malaga are one of the simplest dishes of our local gastronomy. And they are also one of the most demanded ones by locals and tourists. Although you can find it all year long, it is said that they have a special taste from 'Virgin to Virgin'- that means from the 16th of

Awesome Local Places to eat in Malaga

We go deep into the authentic Malaga. We skip Picasso, bulls and flamenco dresses. Even espetos (sardine skewers) . We believe in genuine establishments with a special charm: in any of them you will see a recommendation plaque from Tripadvisor on the door. Let’s go back to the roots, return to the origin and find some of

Coffee in Malaga – How to Order it Properly

One curiosity about Malaga and its gastronomy is that wherever you go, you’ll get a great cup of coffee. For breakfast with churros, after lunch or as a “merienda”, which is a small snack during the late afternoon, a coffee is always welcome. Coffee and Churros at Casa Aranda Ordering Coffee in MalagaAnother fact you need to know